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Oxford Water Walks

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TOWPATH WALKS – see also Alice in Waterland Walks page

Undertaken for numerous historical and social groups, for preservation and literary societies, many colleges, and events such as Oxford Literary Festival, Alice’s Day, Oxford Festival of the Arts and many more …

“Worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which was much appreciated by all who came on the walk.”

“The ‘Alice in Waterland’ tour … was an amazing experience and it was the best tour I have ever been on, regardless of subject matter. I enjoyed every moment of it and was thrilled to see so much and hear so many great stories about the novels. Now I want nothing more than to go back to return to Oxford and take the tour again. I would highly recommend it to anyone! One of the best and most memorable days of my life.”

“It was a real treat, full of things I didn’t know or expect to see. You chose the route and the anecdotes very well for the audience, and it was altogether a very good experience.”

“I have been shown a whole new – and exciting – side of Oxford which I knew existed but had scarcely begun to know or to appreciate.”

“Reveals a completely ‘secret’ side of Oxford.”

“Your tour has been the highlight of the trip … You were so gracious and patient with us and really an inspiration for my daughter who is so curious about everything. It was indeed an honor to meet you and take the tour!”

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Beautifully illustrated and fascinating … a light touch on the romantic views, clear insights into the social effects of the industries.

Many thanks for your wonderful talk! I enjoyed it so much and everyone who I have seen since has said what an excellent talk it was.

I have received so many ‘phone calls and e:mails today enthusing about your presentation that I know the members truly appreciated the quality of your talk.

Entertaining and suitably local insights into some of Oxford’s Welsh dimensions. I found it all very engaging and liked your range from red and white dragons to canals,  from the social connotations of drinking beer to the ever-present Joneses and their often turbulent environment and I know our members did so equally.

Thanks once again for your distinguished contribution. The response from students and visiting faculty make it clear that they also value and appreciate your contribution.

Our heartfelt thanks for coming to our rescue. Our members found the history of the canal fascinating, and particularly enjoyed the wonderful illustrations.

The satisfaction of your audience must have been obvious!

Members were very impressed by your knowledge of events involved in the canal history. Many of the pictures had not been seen before your talk, and aroused quite an interest. I am sure this will stimulate members to seek out some of the viewpoints of the old buildings and locations. I think that we were really privileged to get you to talk to our meeting. You can be sure that your effort was greatly appreciated.

I love stories and connections and I thought you weaved in and out of Oxford landmarks, Oxford people, all those privileged or hidden, with great skill and knowledge. Lovely stuff!

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