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Oxford Water Walks

Historical & Literary Walks & Talks, and Books by Oxford Towpath Press

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Oxford Towpath Press

A Towpath Walk in Oxford
A much praised, illustrated guide to the historical and current importance of the canal, Thames, and associated streams between Wolvercote and Oxford.

“At times like a pilgrimage, at times like a historical pub crawl – the perfect combination.”


Castle 2019 cover

Stories of Oxford Castle
An illustrated account of some of the most daring, devious, or deluded individuals to have spent time inside Oxford’s now accessible county prison.

“A comprehensive and gripping account … a must for anyone interested in Oxford’s past.”


The Abingdon Waterturnpike Murder
– but summarised as one chapter of Stories of Oxford Castle. A factual murder by the Thames reveals a wide-ranging criminal underworld and many surprising, intriguing, and shocking aspects of 18th-century life.

“Fascinating, well-researched, written in a lively engaging style … altogether admirable.”

FOR Alice in Waterland, Alice’s Oxford on Foot and ‘King of all Balloons’ SEE SEPARATE PAGES
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