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Oxford Water Walks

Historical & Literary Walks & Talks, and Books by Oxford Towpath Press

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A Towpath Walk in Oxford
£8 incl. p & p

“A Towpath Walk In Oxford: the Canal and River Thames between Wolvercote and the City” is also available (rrp £6) at bookshops. (ISBN 978-0- 9535593-4-3)


Stories of Oxford Castle
New (revised and enlarged) 2019 hardback edition (ISBN 978-0-9535593-7-4)

£12 incl. p & p (rrp £10)


Alice in Waterland

£12 incl. postage and packing

“Alice in Waterland: Lewis Carroll and the River Thames in Oxford” (ISBN 978-1-908493-69-9) is also available (rrp £12) at bookshops, or through Amazon


“King of all Balloons”: the Adventurous Life of James Sadler,  the first English Aeronaut (ISBN 978-1-4456-8286-0)

£12 incl. p & p (rrp £9.99)

Paperback; 320 pages; colour illustrations. Also available in bookhops or from Amberley Books, Stroud.


To order a book please send a cheque to the address below, made payable to MARK DAVIES. Please state if you wish it to be signed, and your required inscription (if any).
Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.

Mark Davies
“Bill The Lizard”, 12 Hythe Bridge Arm
Oxford Canal
Email: oxfordtowpathpress@gmail.com


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